Pause Days

Crucial when you need to notice what’s going on in and around you

What are Pause Days?

A Pause Day is literally a day to pause. It is protected time.  It allows you to take stock, explore choices and decisions.  In a small group of up to 6 people, each of you a professional in your own field,  I provide conditions  for you to be open, frank and honest with yourself.  At the end of the day you can move on refreshed and refocused on a clearer purpose and plan.

Pause Days are held in Winchester, just by the Cathedral, where we can make use of the beautiful surroundings, and enjoy fresh, local food  – offering the ideal environment to pause and reflect.

How does it work?

I facilitate the day which is deliberately slow-paced and reflective.  I aim to provide structure and stimulus to your thinking, as well as giving you unique space and freedom to focus on things that are important to you.  Time is precious and pause days are precious time offered no-where else in this hectic world

The day flows through three simple phases which can cater for any issue you bring: Where am I now? What do I want? What am I going to do?  It comprises a mix of individual and group activities, all designed to get to the heart of an issue.

Between us, we develop a sense of community and use simple, powerful, self-recollective techniques – of listening, walking, journaling, questioning and talking.  This is to introduce and develop good habits.  Habits which we know turn data into insight, experience into wisdom, energy into purpose.

Who is it for?

Participants come for a variety of reasons: they’ve started a new job, got a promotion,  they know an organisational change is coming, or they need to think about the people around them; their teams, stakeholders and customers.  Sometimes they come because they want quality time and support to think through a decision they’re stuck with.  Some simply come because know daily pressures are affecting the quality of their decision-making and they need to take a step back.  Increasingly people are building a Pause day into their quarterly or annual diary.

Everyone who comes wants to see the wood rather than the trees.  Everyone wants to hold themselves accountable to the promises they make to themselves.

The Pause day was truly life changing for me - and three months on it is still bearing much fruit in my life

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What else I do

Executive Coaching

Working beside you, grappling with your new challenges and applying grace and grit, will help you ‘arrive well’ and be successful sooner in your new role.

Systemic Team Coaching

Take stock of where you are as a team and explore the dynamics to discover your motivation and commitment to working productively together.  I will help you agree how to hold yourselves accountable to each other.

Coach Supervision

I work with fellow professional coaches offering formal contracted supervision, individually or in a group.

Individual coaching

Accessing your own wisdom in an individual coaching conversation.  It is a powerful way to learn and tackle real challenges.  I offer the space and time to think things through.

Pause Days

As it says on the tin, pause days are a time to press the pause button, and notice what’s important so that when you press play you are clearer what’s next.

The Short Pause

Pausing even for an hour can have huge benefits. It can help you see the wood for the trees, put things back into perspective, bookend the week, build in a rhythm, help you re:set, see things afresh. For you, and definitely for the benefit of others around you.

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