Are you ready to be coached?

Coaching is most helpful when you are ready and willing to commit to it and are prepared to make some changes in your thinking and your behaviour. Reflect on these statements that others have used to start a coaching conversation – you can gauge if now is the right time for coaching support.


I need to take stock
I would benefit from talking this through with someone objective
I have a hunch that that I’m holding back and want to find out what that’s all about
There are choices I need to make, and I would value the wisdom of someone else’s perspective
I can find the time for this, and know it will be a great investment
I really do need to hold myself accountable for the things I have promised to do differently
The imbalance of body, mind and spirit is bothering me and I don’t like the consequences
The people around me would benefit from clearer leadership from me
I want to think through how to have better relationships with my team/colleagues/clients