Who am I?

My name is Belinda Smith.  Thanks for taking the time to have a look around my website.  I’m often asked why I became a coach, or even what was my route to it.  Early on I realised that people found it easy to talk to me, and whilst I was working in HR actually what people enjoyed was telling me their story.  And that’s what I still find to be so valuable; as I work beside people they find out what’s most important to them and together we find a way of helping them to do that.

How I Got Started

I started Grace Coaching after hearing a sermon in my local church.  It was about the grace of giving as a result of receiving.  It was all about excelling, uniquely – not in a comparative way – in everything; not settling for the pass mark, making every effort with the skills and talents I have been given, and helping others to do the same.  That sounded inspirational and demanded a response from me.  It was one of those precious moments when everything seemed to fall into place.  It is now something I think about every day.  ‘Grace’  reminds me all the time about what I excel at and how I  work with others so that they too can excel

My Skills

Grace and grit.  I combine deep listening with incisive questioning in order to promote clearer thinking.  Such clarity unlocks individual potential, team performance, organisational thriving and ultimately to effecting cultural and international understanding.

I have honed this grace and grit through many years of practice, supervision, training and academic study.


The chronology is that I started my career in a wide range of HR roles with BAA in London and Total in Aberdeen.  In 2003 after 6 years as a freelance HR consultant, I became a Director of Waverley Learning, a Leadership Development consultancy where I led the  coaching practice.


An MSc in Career Management and Counselling, and a BA in History both from London University. Fellow of the CIPD. Diploma in Coaching Supervision.  Qualified user of psychometric assessments, inc the MBTI and 16pf.  Member of the EMCC and BPS.  Diploma in Systemic Team Coaching from AoEC.  Grad Diploma in Theology from Westminster Theological Centre.

Leadership Development

I frequently work with other great coaches and development professionals so that I can provide a team to help with wider leadership or organisational development programmes.

Are we a match?

It’s vital we want to work together, trust each other and agree how we are going to work best with each other. The best way to find out is to have a conversation:

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