Finding our own way

By February 15, 2017 April 3rd, 2018 Uncategorized

Lord Davies’ published his final report in October 2015, women on boards.  In amongst the wide range of recommendations and hope for the future, one comment really stood out for me: women need to find their own way.  This is both a challenge and an inspiration, personally and for executive coaching, more broadly.  Around the same time that I read the report I watched the film Suffragette.  It too is a rallying cry for women to develop their own way of contributing to the world, in a way that honours the sameness and differences we have in common with men, and is to the greater good of all.  I also went on a course with a group of peer coaches in the autumn of 2105 and part way through I realised that we were immersed in  a well worn process where, as a participant, I’d handed over my ‘power’ to take responsibility for my learning to the facilitator and was in a passive learning mode.  These three events coalesced and became the motivation to find my way of contributing to ‘finding our way’.  I invited a group of senior women leaders to join me on a 4 day retreat in France in the autumn of 2016.  The invitation was to discover together ‘our way’.  Beyond the rhythm of agreed times to eat, we didn’t go with a structure or set agenda.   We went consciously responsible for our own learning, and each discovered something important for ourselves.  We went away clearer, refocused, and with confidence to contribute in a more dynamic way than we’d imagined beforehand.  As 2017 gets under way my focus is on facilitating more opportunities and conversations for women particularly, but not exclusively, to ‘find our way’.  As part of finding my own way, personally, I have signed up for two new things; to walk the Clarendon Way in June (a fundraising event for Naomi House) and to visit a project in India in August.  I’m also immersed in discovering and applying how systemic team coaching can bring new levels of learning to individuals, teams and systems.  It’s going to be quite a year.