For The Time Of Necessary Decision

By March 16, 2015 December 9th, 2015 General

5th December 2013 I heard this poem for the first time, it was read to a group of us.  I knew it was a time for change and so I took that step of courage that the poet asks of us – to start a new chapter in my life.  It prompted me to start Grace Coaching.

For The Time Of Necessary Decision

“The mind of time is hard to read.
We can never predict what it will bring,
Nor even from all that is already gone
Can we say what form it finally takes;
For time gathers its moments secretly.
Often we only know it’s time to change
When a force has built inside the heart
That leaves us uneasy as we are.

Perhaps the work we do has lost its soul,
Or the love where we once belonged
Calls nothing alive in us anymore.

We drift through this gray, increasing nowhere
Until we stand before a threshold we know
We have to cross to come alive once more.

May we have the courage to take the step
Into the unknown that beckons us;
Trust that a richer life awaits us there,
That we will lose nothing
But what has already died;
Feel the deeper knowing in us sure
Of all that is about to be born beyond
The pale frames where we stayed confined,
Not realizing how such vacant endurance
Was bleaching our soul’s desire.”

~ John O’Donohue