Systemic Team Coaching

Critical to keep up with and get ahead of change in organisations and our global environment.

What is Systemic Team Coaching?

It’s about helping the impact of the whole team to be greater than the individual sum of their parts.  It’s also about integrating the team’s effort into the organisational whole.  So team coaching needs to be consciously part of the organisational system and beyond.

How does it work?

I often get invited by the team leader to work with their team.  Sometimes this is as part of a coaching programme with the leader. Sometimes the organisation asks me to help the team get ready for a new leader’s arrival.  Sometimes it involves coaching individuals within the team.  It is always bespoke.  It always starts with a diagnostic discussion to understand the circumstances, context, make-up of the team and what’s required at this stage of their team’s life together.  It may involve a one-off intervention, although increasingly I work with teams over a longer period of time to help them pause and reflect on how they are working together.

Who is it for?

Newly formed teams; eg a newly elected Board of Execs, or Trustees, or a team with a new leader.  Or a new phase in a team’s life due to a new project or goal or in preparation for a new leader’s arrival.  Teams who know that they are inter-dependent and working towards the same goals.  Sometimes teams aren’t teams in this conventional sense at all and I use new techniques in my coaching to develop this specific type of team.

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The Board is working very well and seems to have gelled very quickly and that was attributed to your coaching. So thank you.

What else I do

Executive Coaching

Working beside you, grappling with your new challenges and applying grace and grit, will help you ‘arrive well’ and be successful sooner in your new role.

Systemic Team Coaching

Take stock of where you are as a team and explore the dynamics to discover your motivation and commitment to working productively together.  I will help you agree how to hold yourselves accountable to each other.

Coach Supervision

I work with fellow professional coaches offering formal contracted supervision, individually or in a group.

Individual coaching

Accessing your own wisdom in an individual coaching conversation.  It is a powerful way to learn and tackle real challenges.  I offer the space and time to think things through.

Pause Days

As it says on the tin, pause days are a time to press the pause button, and notice what’s important so that when you press play you are clearer what’s next.

The Short Pause

Pausing even for an hour can have huge benefits. It can help you see the wood for the trees, put things back into perspective, bookend the week, build in a rhythm, help you re:set, see things afresh. For you, and definitely for the benefit of others around you.

Want to find out more?

Feel free to get in touch and we can discuss your objectives
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