The power of the pause

By February 19, 2018 March 9th, 2018 Uncategorized
The power of pausing, even in a moment, can be transformative.
If you’d take a moment to think about these questions I hope they are reminders, albeit generic, of the ones we’d use if  we work together:

How often do you pause before, during or after a conversation, or a meeting, or sending emails, writing documents?
When you do what difference does it make and what do you notice going on for you, mentally, emotionally, physically?  And what do you notice about the mental, emotional, physical state of the others you’re impacting?
How do the things you notice help develop the wisdom of the choices you make; your thoughts, words and actions?
Assuming it’s beneficial to pause how are you developing your pause muscles, your habits to develop their strength and reliability? It’ll be different for each of us, but some of the habits I recommend, as you might remember, include keeping a notebook handy (physical or digital), journaling, listening to not for, talking things through with a trusted other, getting outside to walk, cycle, look up! sleeping well. Perhaps as you look back over the last year or two you can see patterns of how you have paused, things you do that you really appreciate and build up your capacity and resourcefulness.
It might have been helpful just to read this email and pause.  I hope so.  I’d also really appreciate hearing from you about how you are getting on.  A paragraph, a phone call to let me know would be really welcome. I’m collecting stories to build a chronicle that others can read and be inspired to develop their own pause habits, so if you write about your own experiences please say whether or not you’re happy for me to share your insights.  I really do believe the collective benefit will be to transform the quality of conversations, meetings, documents and decision-making that ultimately leads to greater business sense, and living well.  Please spread the word, talk about the benefits, encourage others.
And, of course, if you’d find it helpful and you’d like to pause with me for an hour, or a day, I’d be delighted to meet.  Many of the people I work with are now building in a quarterly pause to give themselves chance to hear themselves think, notice where they are, what’s going on in and around them, and discern next steps.