A time to think in a world of noise

Pause, before you go any further

Take a deep breath, consider what is important to you, to your team, to your clients, to those around you


What I do

New for 2019 – join me for coffee and conversation on Friday mornings, 08.00 – 09.30 at Open House Deli, Middle Brook Street, Winchester

Executive Coaching

Working beside you, grappling with your new challenges and applying grace and grit, will help you ‘arrive well’ and be successful sooner in your new role.

Systemic Team Coaching

Take stock of where you are as a team and explore the dynamics to discover your motivation and commitment to working productively together.  I will help you agree how to hold yourselves accountable to each other.

Coach Supervision

I work with fellow professional coaches offering formal contracted supervision, individually or in a group.

Individual coaching

Accessing your own wisdom in an individual coaching conversation.  It is a powerful way to learn and tackle real challenges.  I offer the space and time to think things through.

Pause Days

As it says on the tin, pause days are a time to press the pause button, and notice what’s important so that when you press play you are clearer what’s next.

The Short Pause

Pausing even for an hour can have huge benefits. It can help you see the wood for the trees, put things back into perspective, bookend the week, build in a rhythm, help you re:set, see things afresh. For you, and definitely for the benefit of others around you.

Who I work with


International firms and businesses who are making lateral hires or internal appointments to senior roles and board positions who value and recognise the importance of making appropriate cultural adjustments, establishing leadership visibility, handling vulnerability and planning impact.

SMEs & Startups

Entrepreneurs who are growing their businesses to the next stage often need to develop new leadership insights to add to their technical knowledge and enthusiasm.


Charities and churches, across all denominations, where the CEO or leader values coaching time to think through the direction in which they are taking their organisation, particularly when they rely on volunteers to make it happen.

I have found the experience the most rewarding development within my career and the feedback on the objectives set us has been excellent.

Senior Retail Director

What is coaching?

The essence of coaching is helping leaders to understand their own style, identify their dilemmas, look carefully at their relationships, and then to transfer their insights and learning into results for their organisation.  This accelerates their ‘arrival’.  It is always customised and yet the stages are generic.  The coaching is based on a collaborative relationship with the client, their boss, the HR manager and the coach.  The coach uses a wide variety of behavioural techniques and methods to help the client achieve the goals they identify together. I believe the most important thing the coach does is to listen ‘to’ the client, providing a non-judgemental atmosphere in which to learn at a deep level.

Are you ready to be coached?

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Are we a match?

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